We are providing innovative business and technology solutions for corporate to optimize resource utilization, streamline operations, reduce the costs, maximize return on investment, improve risk analysis and decision making. We provide cost effective solutions within budget and timelines


We are providing innovative solutions and consulting services that help Government organizations maximizing process automation, agility, compliance and transparency. Our services facilitate Government to Citizen (G2C), Citizen to Government (C2G), Government to Government (G2G) and Government to Business (G2B).


We are providing innovative solutions for the entire education continuum of Pre-school, K-12, Higher Education, Vocational Education, and educational institutions. Our services are marked with technology-enabled products and services and high quality consultants, that come together to deliver unmatched value.


We are providing integrated health software services for Clinics, small, medium and large hospitals. Our Services revolve around Electronic Medical Record, Lab and Hospital Information Management. We strategize and manage Digital Marketing for Healthcare through consultants with extensive experience in Healthcare Industry.

Quick Brief on the Company

Over the last 20 years, Revalton founders have successfully achieved a proven track record in supporting and helping large and SME enterprises to improve their performance, quality of products and services, both in government and private sectors. Our team is a group of like-minded individuals, with a passion for innovation, focusing on providing timely, professional services and paying close attention to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction attainable.

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    Learning Management System

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    Learning today takes place in schools, at homes and in the workplace that’s why learning management system is a key tool in transforming education to address 21st century needs.

    • Achieving Better Learning Outcomes.
    • Communication and Interactive Learning.
    • Real-time Assessment and Results.
    • Convenient course management.
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    Authoring management system

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    Revalton provide ISPRING Suite which is a content authoring application designed to help teachers to create or assemble interactive e-learning content in a short time and reduced cost.

    • Screen Recording Tool.
    • PPT to Flash/HTML5/Video.
    • Audio/Video Editor.
    • SCORM 1.2/2004, AICC and the Tin Can API.
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    Video Information business engine

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    Most video processing & computer vision algorithms rely on dedicated resources for computation While Integrators move to the Cloud: need rich, easy to use platform for extracting intelligence out of video feeds in a cost effective way.

    • Face identification.
    • Face recognition.
    • People count.
    • People heat maps.
  • Library Management550x400

    library Management System

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    Library management system is provided by our partner Automation Consultants “BookMaster“ enables you to manage the whole life cycle of your library through rich and comprehensive library management functions.

    • Cataloguing & Indexing.
    • E-Payment Integration.
    • On-Line Public Access Catalog “OPAC.
    • Archiving & Archive browsing .
  • Asset management550x400

    Asset Management System

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    Assest management system is provided by our partner Automation Consultants (Asset Master) and it is managing and tracking fixed assets is one of the management important concerns.

    • Evaluate, manage assets.
    • Follow up assets disposal.
    • Fixed Assets Inventory.
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    Electronic Health Record “EHR”

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    Health-related software can either be oriented towards patient care (providing data useful in medical research and epidemiology) or towards administration of practice (providing data useful in financial decisions and management).

    • Complete Registration process.
    • Scheduling system.
    • Billing & Finance system.
    • Diagnosis/Problem List.
  • Pharmacy Managment600x400

    Pharmacy management system

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    A distributed information system built specifically for the pharmaceutical retail industry. It provides information setup and sharing, daily task automation, and in-depth reporting. It covers your contacts and teams, your documents, time management, sales and contracts, cash flow, inventory, procurement, and suppliers in one tight package.

    • Rich Catalog .
    • Purchasing.
    • Pricing
  • Vaccination Management

    Vaccination management system

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    Our vaccination management system is a web-based software that tracks vaccination data and creates comprehensive reports for multiple concurrent vaccination efforts. It’s scalable to any size organization and can interface databases to leverage contact information.

    • View their vaccination schedule
    • View their vaccination history.
    • Check upcoming vaccination.
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