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May 21, 2016
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May 21, 2016
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Our employees work remotely from our offices or onsite, We do all the work and provide our clients the most trained, highly skilled and creative employees, Based on the client’s preference, we offer also mixed models. At the highest level, we work with our Clients to achieve their business objectives

We designed our outsourcing model to guarantee our clients maximum satisfaction. Throughout project lifecycle, customer-related activities are carefully devised to give the customer full exposure to the project status, without involving them in low-level details. We developed onsite and offshore outsourcing models that are adapted to customer requirements to give customers a professional software solution that is custom-built to match their specific needs.
Our onsite model allows clients with high level of control and authority over solution development phases. where our consultants have to be conducted onsite in its real-life environment, and with the help of its real-life users.
In the offshore model, consultants are managed completely by us transparently to our clients. The offshore model is preferred with large structured projects, with relatively stable requirements and defined project milestones.

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