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Video Information business engine

Video Information business engine

Most video processing & computer vision algorithms rely on dedicated resources for computation, While Integrators People heat maps (?) move to the Cloud: need rich, easy to use platform for extracting intelligence out of video feeds in a cost effective way.
Video Information business engine (VIBE) is provided by our partner Avidbeam and it is a novel processing technology for efficiently extracting business and security intelligent from Video big data sources. With the ability to automatically analyze Video Surveillance live streams to extract wealthy useful business intelligence information, in elegant visual formats, to maximize your operational efficiency
It is an innovative cloud based parallel architecture to analysis of video big data. The result is a significant performance improvement for the analytics end user.

Your 24/7 intelligent Information source - Efficient - Flexible - easy Integration - Scalable

Who can use Video information business engine

  • o Education institutes
  • o Transpiration and airport
  • o Medical Industry
  • o Media & Entertainment
  • o Retail Industry
  • o Marketing Research Industry
  • o Sports Industry
  • o Gated communities


  • • Face identification
  • • Vehicle count
  • • Face recognition
  • • Face recognition • Vehicle type & color
  • • People count
  • • Vehicle tracking
  • • People heat maps
  • • High accuracy license plate recognition (Arabic/Latin)
  • • Queue monitoring
  • • Object detection & Classification

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