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May 19, 2016
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Learning Management System

Learning today takes place in schools, at homes and in the workplace that’s why learning management system is a key tool in transforming education to address 21st century needs.
We are providing different learning management systems to serve K12, Higher education and corporates that provide an online space where educational content of all types is collected, organized and managed to create an enriched learning environment and curriculum for students. Also gives teachers a unique tool for elevating instruction through personalized, collaborative and interactive learning and real-time assessment and results, and supports parental participation in learning.

Achieving Better Learning Outcomes Communication and Interactive Learning Real-time Assessment and Results Convenient course management

We focus on delivering business value through innovative and fully integrated learning management systems. We Offers learning management systems based on bright space by D2l, Ispring and Moodle.


The key strength of iSpring Learn is a powerful set of reports covering all the aspects of the learning process. Trace the connection between the expenses on e-Learning and the real results of your employees

Be in control of the full learning process with an online course platform. Create e-courses and upload them to the system, assign them to learners, and evaluate their progress with detailed statistics.

Out-of- the-box solution for managing e-Learning in your organization

Intuitive user portal Free mobile application
Content management Unlimited storage space
Integrated Authoring tools Email invitations
Learning path Self-registration
Collaboration Groups and organizations
Adaptive reporting Single sign on

Unlimited Storage Space

How many course items can you upload to iSpring Learn? All of them! The LMS simply doesn’t impose any limitations on the number of hosted files. So feel free to upload as much content as you want!

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